Tuesday, December 1, 2009

on the eve of her first

A year ago around 3:33am I felt my first pain of labor. I'll never forget the feeling, I excitedly lay in bed counting the minutes between the pain. Waiting for an acceptable time before I woke Zach up with "it's time". By 4am I had called my midwife and by 4:10am she had called back to tell me to labor at home for awhile. This was a precious time, I was so scared and excited I didn't know what to do- so I ate. I know, I know they say you shouldn't really, but this was the best my stomach had felt in a long time, so a dark chocolate Snickers and some dark chocolate almonds along with lots of water and some dark chocolate Milanos. I labored till about 4ish, when I could no longer take the pain so on to the birthing center. Through much heavy breathing, watching of Bones and watching Zach eat after I could not- our Hazel Juniper was born at 1:59 am!

The year has flown by. Each day she changes,grows and makes me laugh a little harder. Walking, talking,smiling, sticking her tongue out- what a character. Tomorrow we'll celebrate with a small GF,vanilla cake (made in a borrowed dish from my MIL,it came home with cornbread in it). This weekend the friend & another family party. What a lucky little girl.


jessicajane said...

seriously?! a year already!!!?? that flew by...happy birthday to her!

Blanche and Guy Melamed said...

happy birthday to Hazel Juniper! Love the name! I bet she's a cutie pie. I'll be turning 35 tomorrow so I guess we share birthday's. Yay for sagittarius! Enjoy the time. :)

Christopher And Tia said...

This post was so sweet. It melted my heart, quite honestly, because I can relate so well. I remember when you were pregnant with her, and the anticipation that I had for you, knowing that I'd soon be going through the exact same thing.

I remember when you posted your first pictures of her, how I couldn't wait to see them. I got a text message from jessicajane, saying that they were up, and I nearly ran (well, kinda rolled myself, actually) to the computer to see them. I think I might have even cried when I saw them?

The past year has flown by. I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family. I can't wait to see pictures of little Hazel with her first birthday cake.

Happy Birthday little one!!

Anonymous said...
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DeeJay said...

Oh how I miss you guys and keeping up. Love Hazel and her wonderful fashion sense!