Thursday, July 26, 2007

Continued Laziness

Aside from putting together an order for shipment tomorrow morning- I was such a bum tonight! Re-watched the Virgin Queen and read how Cate Blanchett, Geoffry(sp?) Rush & Russell Crowe are making the 2nd part of Elizabeth.. scheduled to come out in October! I'm so excited!

I mentioned to Zach the other day I really want to get the Marilyn piercing I use to have.. sort of like a birthmark to the left or right of your nose.. anywho- I don't think he wants me to get it. I just feel like I need a change. Right now I want to take advantage of having a job where I can take certain liberties to do whatever/ look however I want. Then I think.. am I getting too old? Plus I have 2 weddings coming up in the next 2 months. So I think I'll just cut some bangs!

dress bought in Suffern at the thrift for $2.00 along with belt for .50
Custom Bag we made for a customer on etsy
the Franny Pack- ready to go out in the mail tomorrow.

Friday night we're having a girl's night at the local Mexican Restaraunt(sp?). A good friend is coming to spend the night- whom I haven't seen in close to a year-since she moved. So much happening. Zach will be back on Monday morning.
I have soo many ideas I need to put into practice.


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Cathy said...

sounds like you are very busy... girl's night out - that's what i haven't indulged in for quite a while! have fun :)