Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Night

So our car is in the body shop after the bang up job from our accident. So I'm driving a cream colored PT Cruiser! YAy We soo should have sprung for it when looking for a new car. When we were in Chicago on our honeymoon we also rented a cream PT Cruiser- not by choice- but I didn't get a chance to drive it cause it was only under Zach's name. So Here I come Open Road!!

I took a quick drive up North towards Harrison listening to the newer Yeah, Yeah Yeahs cd which is good but not nearly as catchy as the first album. Today I popped into the library to rent a few movies and renew my Elizabeth I book- when I came across a Charlie Brown Dictionary- it is very used on the outside but still is wonderful inside. We've started collecting books for our children's library- whenever it is we have little ones.

Just a few of the books we picked up this past weekend.

I started a notebook fr our finances. After wathing the documentary Maxed OUt I realized I had a lot to learn. I watched the extras with Dave Ramsey and I really appreciated his advice. So I've started the journal and wanted it to be fun- so I'd use it.

The wonderful Peter Pan we found, he's so adorably pretty!

I've finally finished our package to be sent to Magpie store, where we'll be consigning some items..

Magpie in Massachusetts please check them out they rock!

Well I am off I've just listed a few new items in my shop.- hope you are all having fun making wonderful things xo

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