Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Razors,Smoothies,Felt and Tuesday Nights

So we got word that the book one of my designs is featured in is available for order!!

Felt Underground by Marisa Mouton

There isn't a photo for the cover yet.. but it is a kit with a manual- that shows you how to create the projects as well as comes with supplies. So one of my designs for a scarf made from recycled t-shirts & felt is featured as a project. I'm so excited! Wheee My friends from the bookstore joked that I was going to have a booksigning- since I use to be a Community relations Manager at a B&N. My job entailed settig signings up and other events.

Tonight Zach ordered me a new phone- so I'm switching providers- thank goodness! With all the complaning I do about my current phone carrier- it really is about time! So I'll be sporting the hot-pink razor hoot hoot!! How exciting- cause my phone now is in a terrible state. The back falls off all the time and it is being held on with a hair band. Oh did I mention it was dropped in the toilet at one point? I was able to dry it out after a few days.. so I guess it is time.

I made the most delicious smoothie.. oj,shredded pineapple and a handful of berries- in the magic bullet and WhamO! Tuesday nights are usually my favorite night cause of the shows that were on- or will be on during the fall. All the Law & Order lot- so good. We have friends who just call those shows "crime show" which is hysterical. So we've sort of adapted to saying" Wanna watch a crime show?"-

I must admit I haven't been sewing. I've done some pinning together of skirts, totes etc. but I have not yet sewn anything in the last few days. I have so many ideas- sometimes I feel frozen. I think Sabrina Ward Harrison talks about that in one of her amazing books. If you are not familiar.. do yourself a favor..famliarize yourself

Well I am off. I needed to finish this wednesday morning.. forgot about it. Making Flaky Cheddar & Chive Scones today..
Happy Creating

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MewPaperArts said...

Holy majorly exciting news being published!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you that is the awesomest!