Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesday Night in the Wee Hours

I just finished watching Half Nelson.. really sad and moving. Zach and Hermione were passed out on the bed, while Jasper took up his favorite spot in the bathroom in front of the shower. He's so adorable.. his big white whiskers and his eyes, I swear he knows what I am saying to him ( although Zach says I'm crazy)

We put the grill together, which was an anniversary gift from the Oatscanos. I'm marinating some portabella mushroom halves in olive oil, dried basil from the garden and balsamic vinegar. I bought some sweet corn to cook on the grill in the husks. The market was such a mess near the corn, all the shoppers stripping the corn of its husks. I probably should- but I never look- I always just choose pieces that look good. Now I have Elizabeth the Virgin Queen on- from Masterpiece Theater... which always makes me think of Mouseterpiece Theater.. I think that is from my childhood- perhaps I made it up?

Zach and I had been wanting to vend at the brooklyn Indie Market and it looks like this weekend we will get our chance. We just have to clarify the details. So that will be there shows in 3 weeks. Providence Open Market on Saturday, June 30th- was much slower than the first show we had there on opening day. However it was also a holiday weekend- which may pull people away from things they may normally do for fun and rather go visit family. We were nestled right next to Alissa from MewPaperArts, Marie from Galvinized Headware and of course the kettle corn vendor. Thankfully we got away with our products NOT smelling like popcorn and butter.

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fia lotta jansson said...

thank you for commenting on my blog! and aren't the napkins adorable!! I got them at Ã…hlen's in Stockholm when we were on vacation. Nice accessories for the dinner table:)
nice blog!
all the best to ya.