Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Mid- Afternoon

So the weather has just been excruciating. Today I have all the fans on and our small kitchen air conditioner. The cats are sprawled around the apt. like zombies. I've been watching Six Feet Under. I started watching it years ago and have just started renting it from the library. I didn't realize the 5th season was the last.. I've just started the last season.. my tummy is full of butterflies from anticipation.

We have the Providence Open Market on Saturday. So we'll get to see Zach's family- which is always nice. I've been thrifting for a lot of fun pieces to applique, transform and reconstruct. I've also started making a hip version of a fanny pack.. called the Franny pack. I've been using mine for a few weeks now and love it as well as recieved a bunch of compliments. So look for those in our shop.. Coming Soon!

I hope everyone enjoys the weather and this week. I'll be on hiatus for a little bit.. preparing for our upcoming show, an a few consignments we have in the works.

I'll leave you with some eye candy!

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