Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An Early Send Off

This morning I drove Zach to work around 3:45 am to catch a town car driving him to Newark Airport. From there he is on to San Diego for the Comic Convention.The road was empty as it should be at 4am!

When we woke Jasper was so excited he must have thought,"WOW it's dinner time already?I'm so excited!" Much to his dismay I didn't feed him before we left.

I came home and flopped on the couch- checked for an open treasury(no luck) and attempted to read HP7. I woke around 5:30 on the couch! So much for reading. Later that morning the cats were going bonkers so I had to get up. They were drag racing through our railroad-style apartment from one end(the kitchen) to the other on top of our bed. Jumping on it and when I would look up their expressions were of cats who knew they were being naughty.

Visited with Mom & Dad then started cooking. Steamed cabbage with tempeh,brown rice,carrots,garlic & onions. The mixture is seasoned with dillweed- which gives it a buttery flavor if you can believe that. The mixture is wraped inside the cabbage leaves and then put in a slow cooker with stewed tomatoes, sugar & vinegar for several hours. The whole apartment smells like a big yum yum fest.

I've rented a few movies for tonight's etsy listing brigade.I've been a bit of a Lazens LaRue not listing items daily- not filling my own mental shop quotas- so I thought some fun was in order! The Legacy is from the 70's with a very young & handsome Sam Elliot. There is also a tush shot of Sam Elliot lol! With a very young Roger Daltrey. They(sam & katherine ross) are architects from NY who are invited by a mysterious man to England( all paid for $50,000 deposited into their account)- so then they go over. Fall off a motorcycle and end up in the humungo house with all of the bazaar English people. It has a scary- horror slant. We'll see if I can get through it!

I hope you're getting more done than I!

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