Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Ziggy Stardust Scraparella

Merry Morning! The weather is like 12F here. I shouldn't complain because I like cold weather- but snow to be more exact.

This morning while waiting for my coffee to brew, I was listening to NPR's Morning Edition and stumbled on their site and found The band Vampire Weekend They sort of remind me of a newer- slower- NYC/Brooklyn Specials. You can add a few of their songs to your playlist- and they have an album coming out at the end of the month.

This photo is of one of my latest Scraparellas, little Ziggy Stardust. The bolt is in a bit different spot- but I hope it is still recognizable.

This weekend I made steel cut oats in the slow cooker. I'll have to try it again- because they came out terrible! I had two different recipes one online and the other in a book and I sort of mixed them and well- the end result was not good!

I have 3 store orders I am going to be working on to send out. Today I'll also be adding two new Scraparellas the one in the picture and another cutie, a few more coffee cuffs and Snuggle Bunny t-shirts.

Thanks for stopping by~ Have a great day xo!

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