Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Bike, It is Broken- Sit on it and Close My Eyes xo

This isn't my bike. But we took this photo a few years back at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago and it has always been one of my favorite shots.

This week I've been taking more of an active roll in exercising. Of course it was one of my New Year's resolution ( as it usually is). Several years ago when I was training at Barnes & Noble to become a Community Relations Manager ( who also runs all of the instore book events) my mentor had an event with Exercise Guru, Leslie Sansone- anyhow it was during a snow storm and there were like 10 people who showed up- one being my mom ( who was a huge fan) and my sister. Leslie was the NICEST person ever and ended up sending us each a bunch of VHS walking tapes. It was really so sweet of her. So on Monday I used her 1 mile tape plus abs ( and could feel the burn the next day) this morning I used the 2 mile brisk walk- which really felt great!

It is always such a struggle- getting enough exercise- I feel like I want to be in my best shape possible before I have children- because I really want to be active with my children. I know I have some time (thankfully) but I felt it was crucial to really start now.

I've been inside the house for most of the day- except for a quick jog to the mail box for some junk mail.

Today was full of putting together three boxes to send out to three different consignment shops.. so it has been pretty busy in Oatland. Just trying to add clothing labels-then price tags and managing the contracts & keeping it in order has been a positive challenge.

Tonight for dinner I am going to make minestrone soup-
Real Simple's Minestrone Soup

I also need to vacumn xo
oh happy day

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