Friday, January 4, 2008

A New Found Project- for the New Year~

So I stumbled on Crafty Pod, Sister Diane's (Diane Gilleland) lovely podcasts about- crafting-how to- business-etc show and really enjoyed it. I started jumping all around listening to a project for the new year of 2005! See here:
Crafty Pod to get an idea.

I immediately loved the idea of reworking an older calender. I went to the dollar store and purchased a $.99 cent "Curious Cats" calender and got started. I only wish I still had the others I had saved from past years that I eventually got rid of. Right now I still have my Harry Potter calender to use along with my stash of collage photos. I got through about 6 months. Below are some of my photos: I should be finished by the weekend- then I'll start on the lovely zippered day planner/wallet my mom bought me for

The Cover

THe Months:

Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) made it as the star of March- my birthday month.. being my favorite character. Even Haggred make an appearance- I'm still working on some ridiculous word bubbles. May, my husband's birthday month- became a collage of toy photos, as well as the silly pictures of he and his coworkers in their magazine,
ToyFare to get an idea.

Overall I was really delighted to have found this blog/pocast. I was able to save some money and put to use photos & a 2007 calender all over again!

Happy Crafting!

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