Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vintage Lace, Birds and Cornbread

Pecking Order and Lace, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I'm silly.

*This morning I listed a bunch of Snuggle Bunny T-shirts and Coffee Cuffs in our etsy shop. I haven't been feeling well so yesterday I took a bit of a mental health day.. well in the afternoon. Yesterday morning I made cornbread in our cream-colored
Le Creuset frying pan. I had never heard of the brand before and recieved it from a former coworker as a wedding gift. Now that I have it I love it! The cornbread came out perfect and popped right out of the pan.

*I added a new music player to my blog- from Project Playlist. It just makes reading a blog that much more fun!

*Since I was sort of couch ridden yesterday and feeling that way today too- I pinned about 13 coffee cuffs together and in a bit I'll pop over to my machine and stitch them up! Depending on the light I'd love to photograph them and get them into the shop. Z has been working on assignments so at night the computer is his- so I need to try and get everything done in the daytime.

*I realized from when I was REALLY sick that trying to stay in a semi crunched fetal position- is effective-since standing seems to worsen my cramps. I should probably have the lactose-intolerant test- but my doctor sort of made it seem as if I shouldn't get it done and might want to wait a few months. It has been a few months- I've cut out milk, cheese etc and was fine for a couple of months and recently started having pain again! Ugh I'd like to make the push to being vegan, again.

*Friday wasn't as productive as I would have liked. I was still enamoured by the gifts I recieved from the Harvest Farm Girl swap- as well as working on an intense-5 disc cd mix I made for a friend. We listen to similar music- but I tried to dig into some of my college days and high school and really grab bands I hoped he'd never heard of. Examples? Bitch and Animal- who I think have solo careers now- which I want to check out, Matrimony, The Blake Babies( Julianna Hatfield's old band before the solo career), Jane Siberry, Tom Waits and Team Dresch to name a few.

*I finished my boxes for three shops and mailed it off brewing with new goodies. I'm so appreciative that Hobocamp can be found in brick & mortar shops around the country! We're working on some new t-shirt designs that we'll have ready for a lil' bit warmer weather- I can't wait to show you!

*Hope everyone is well- have a great day!

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