Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New in the Shop & Update & Wednesday & Everything

So yes, I have already posted 1 time today- but I wanted to introduce the new colors & layout of the bloggie. I also wanted to post one of the items I'll be listing in the shop. Today & tonight will be the update.

I've been renting from the library (Veronica Mars & MY So Called Life)- I prefer Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars- to Heroes- but watching MY So Called Life- makes me think of my high school years and sometimes I wish I could do it over.(Well maybe just the wardrobe) But overall the feeling- clothing & music of the 90's I just love it! Plaid plaid with stripes- black tights w/ shorts & boots or skirts- it is all so Singles! And frankly I want to bring that back.. so if you check out my Flickr page-starting in the next few days you might see a little late 90's! YAY

With that here is a scarf I just finished- from a recycled t-shirt and a fleece polka dot scarf.

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