Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our First Play Date

So today Hazel and I met at a coffee shop for our first play date (ahem) someone slept through most of it and it wasn't me! We met two lovely ladies and their darling daughters both around 3 monthsish. It was nice to meet new mamas who are also up in the middle of the night due to their new little bundles.

I brought a b-milk bottle and fed Hazel. I wish I were coordinated enough to breastfeed in public, but with the latching issues we currently have it is difficult. I'm not quite at the point where we could be discreet as others- sometimes- most times she latches and it hurts and we need to go through the latching process several times before I can get a good fit- I don't know if that is appropriate to do in a place that serves frappacinos.. what do you think?

Our little shoppe is like the little engine that could- although I have been some what of a negligent business owner in the past 2 months- the hobo train is pushing forward, as we are approaching our 400th sale.

I promise new things to come- just stick close and I'll surprise you!


queenvanna said...

i had wished for the time that i nursed that i could take care of baby meals in public, but alas, i was not comfortable enough to latch and relatch and relatch again and all that in the frappacino place =) coffee and a flash, just not for me... perhaps your time will come, but there are plenty of other things to stress about...

Anonymous said...

There should definately be more breastfeeding friendly places out there. I am finding this time around (babe 2) I am more comfortable in public...depending on how visible I am.... my breastfeeding aprons help alot. Congrats on your first mama and babe playdate.... coffee and conversation is soooo important.

Christopher And Tia said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to breastfeed in public. And for that, I almost never leave the house. I hope it gets easier for the both of us...

GrayEyedScorpio said...

It gets easier...really! I know it's tough to picture at this point.
Once my son gained some neck strength and head control, he would re-position and adjust the latch himself. He usually decided to nurse at the very moment my food arrived at the table.
One day soon you'll toss a blanket over your shoulder and keep on truckin' with whatever you're doing.

Anonymous said...

It took about 3 mos for my first child to work out a proper latch. After that, it became easier to nurse in public. I generally sought a fitting room, placed myself with my back to the room or just went to the car to nurse him.

With son #2, I nurse just about anywhere.

The key, for me, is wearing the right clothing - but in the winter, wearing a jacket or sweater takes care of the privacy issue quite easily.

Once you have your latch issues worked out, you'll find you can do it in public with greater ease. Until baby grows old enough to become interested in her surroundings, that is. Then she'll nurse like a champ and then pop off to look around!

Right now, my 3 1/2 mos son is in the habit of grinning and giggling at me while he nurses. That gets messy!