Monday, January 5, 2009

A Girl And Her Birds

a gift of fabric-

Most people who know me, know I adore owls and collect them- among other bird-like creatures. So it only stands to reason that when I had offspring I would teach them a love of birds.

It started with a baby swing- we saw it had 3 little owls perched mobile style- and that dictated the rest of our pack & play/stroller needs. Everything is kinda matchy- matchy- but that is how I like it. So when I'm walking around in stained jeans and holy sneakers at least my stroller will look "together".

But- the best part about our bird swing is the way Hazel looks at the little owls swinging above her. Then we made the birdie mobile that hangs over her crib and I've just tried to add little winged-lovies ever since. I hope she can appreciate them- b/c we have a million bluejays & cardinals living in the yard.

At the doctor today- we found out her poo schedule is very normal and if we wanted to, we could give her a bottle of chamomile tea to settle her tummy. Perhaps I'll brew a pot for us both one day. Hazel also weighed in at 8 lbs 12 oz. She's also started fixating on things- she smiles back and sticks her tongue out at us when we initiate it. We're on the road to absurd faces- I can just feel it!

In Hoboland names for the possible switch are on the tip of my tongue. I've been brainstorming- names as well as new items to fill the shop. I know a name change won't be easy- but it is a transition I really think I'm willing to work towards.

After dropping Z at the train- in a total cluster of getting-out-the-door-with-an-infant-frenzy-at-6:30- I visited with my parents. I'm so glad H will be able to know all of her grandparents.

Well- while she sleeps I'm going to try and sew a stitch or two~

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Loree said...

I love reading all of your new mom stuff. The whole Oat fam is the cutest!