Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Feels Like Monday

Girl Bear, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I think this may be the longest break i've taken blogging in a while. It isn't b/c i didn't want to .. i have several unfinished posts- never posted- it is more of the fact that things have been busy around Hoboland. So busy I haven't uploaded my pictures- so I'm using an old favorite- girl bear.

I've also decided to stick with Hobocamp for now. It would just be too confusing to switch- with all of our official paperwork and little fan-base knowing us as those sweet-loving hobos. Besides with all the traveling we've been doing, little Hazel has earned her own little bindle to tote.

Hazel is growing in leaps & bounds and in the middle of the night- with her in my arms I keep thinking how blessed we are. She's been sleeping well through the night and i usually wake to feed her before she wakes on her own. I feel more rested anyhow.

Our trip to RI was as usual a hoot! From loving grandparents to hold Hazel- homemade pizza and 100lbs of sausage meat (that is another post to come) all & all it was great fun. We even got to see a bit of a New England snowfall.

During our New England jaunt, we also visited a sweet little shop in CT, called Peacock Organic. We received a gift certificate for Christmas. We purchased a Moby wrap in a deep red and two reusable diapers ( bum genius 3.0). I like them all ready and highly recommend a visit to this shop.

I'm STILL in nesting mode, if you can believe that?! We are trading a mattress/frame for a lovely, old chest of drawers from Zach's mom. Hazel's clothing is outta control. If we want her to start at least taking naps in her crib- it needs to be free of all laundry.. so a trade is in the works.
Then we'll need to find a trunk. Just for the edge of our bed, nothing special.. a place to sit and put on shoes and hold the ever-growing mound of toys this little girl has accumulated- again babies have soo much stuff!

Well typing with a little one asleep in your arms is not as easy as you'd think! Be Well

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