Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full Circle

:::::::::::The Hudson River on a Cold Winter Day::::::::::::

There is something to be said for venturing out of your comfort zone, away from family-friends and your childhood memories. When I was a teenager- I couldn't wait to get out of this God-forsaken county and M-O-V-E away. After college, while working for the union- I did just that. I lived in Indiana for about a year- very different from NY- but because I worked so much, I never really got to explore or really call it home.

Then I lived in the Bronx for 1 1/2 years and Brooklyn 6 months- and after a messy relationship of dividing possessions (some of which were never returned to me- but I'm not bitter!) I moved back to downstate, NY. Luckily, in the time I was gallivanting ( as my mom would say), Zach was making his way from Connecticut to NY. The following summer, we met and have been together ever since.

Now we live a couple towns over from where I grew up and from where my parents still reside. We've moved around the county- pretty much on a steady basis of every year- a new town. I think we're planted in our current space for a little bit longer this time. But as I was driving the back roads from our home to visit my parents- I started thinking of just how many memories this county holds for me. In almost every town there is some sort of hi jinx I've meandered through. Passing a sharp rock wall on a steep road- I remembered a friend just getting her license and driving soooo close to the wall that me in the passenger's seat almost peed my pants. Then the little library- Zach and I went to regularly while living in our first apartment- it is across the street from the town hall where we got our marriage license. All of these little things create such memories. Ones I sometimes take for granted when I think of other places I yearn to go and see.

:::::::::::The Hudson River on a Cold Winter Day::::::::::::

The last few times I've driven on the Palisades Parkway- babe in her seat in the back- good tunes on- warm beverage in hand- I've had to stop myself from just driving North. I want her to see where I went to school-met new friends and how gorgeous upstate NY is- but I think I can wait a little longer- maybe till she's 2 months at least..

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Island Travel Girl said...

That is such a great photo of the little peanut - she is starting to look like herself, instead of just a sweet baby. I love her features....I wish I was there to cuddle her up in person !