Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mysterious Incident of the Box on the Door Step

Last night wasn't very bad at all! I know it is kind of like a dance- two steps forward/two steps back- but I woke up at 3 am with out an alarm- changed & nursed our little kidlet and put her back to bed- then I pumped a little and hit the sack. Today she's been more fussy- falling asleep in my arms no problem- but once I lay her down she's awake. So I rocked her and read to her, our selections:

Then the doorbell rang and a box was left. Here is what was inside:::::

A box full of books! My friend Matt who I use to work with- thoughtfully sent us this box full of favorite board books,silliness and the plush pigeon from all of the Mo Willem books! H is one lucky girl!

In the shoppe today I'll be adding new cuffs and these new ditties called Essential Papa. A burp cloth and matching coffee cuff. Two essentials for any new parent! Spit up protection and caffeine!
They'll be available in Essential Mama styles this week (hopefully)!

Aside from that I haven't had a whole lot of crafty time- but I'm working on it. Tonight Nip/Tuck starts and I have been watching the last season on Netflix. I don't think I've been able to enjoy more than an hour of TV watching since our bundle arrived- but of course all my favrite shows start up soon... so maybe that DVR is in our future!
Happy Crafting & thank you all for your kind words and helpful comments.. we are still working on nursing- I'm not giving up!


knitsational said...

My first one slept like that for the first several months. I thought I would go mad.

What a cute selection of goodies for your little one!

kim* said...

wow very awesome!

idyll hands said...

Did he bring you Amy Sedaris? You lucky ducky.

queenvanna said...

we've been through more than 1 copy of snuggle puppy. a fave here.

and the new products are awesome - such a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

we had exactly one of those fussy days here yesterday also...minus the surprise box though lol. Lucky you!!