Saturday, January 10, 2009

On Saturday

Knock- knock- knocking no it isn't the ghost of Christmas past- we're not quite sure what it is.. but there is this slight knock that happens on almost a daily occurrence
(not insanely loud- but enough to annoy me to no end).

After weeks of my whining- which has probably drowning out the knocking for Zach- He asked the upstairs neighbors- who are much older- vacuum at 7 in the morning-wake at 4- wear their heavy-clog-like shoes in the house- and rearrange furniture on a constant basis- if it was them- but they said no. Who else could it be? I tried putting my ear to the ceiling yesterday in an attempt to 1- show how crazy I am and 2- to nail the culprits once & for all- but alas that didn't work. Foiled Again!

Luckily I have this little lady to stare at and encompass my world- so I can try to let go of the little things. This year the holidays went by so fast and I feel as though I hardly had time to celebrate and enjoy. Pretty much since September I had been waiting the arrival of Hazel- so although I went through the motions of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas- I don't feel like I really had a chance to enjoy. With that said- I fell asleep at 10 on New year's Eve and missed the ball drop (one of my favorite things to do) and didn't even think of resolutions to a week or so later.

Many of the resolutions I thought about revolve around being the best mom I can be- being a better partner to Zach. I'm amazed at how much having a baby has tried our relationship in a good way and in those kinda tough ways too.

With the snow falling and the babe asleep- I think we're going to cuddle on the couch and read The Vaccine Book it makes for a very romantic day! I also want to henna my hair- but I'm so lazy when it comes to the mess of it all. Have a wonderful weekend ox

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