Sunday, January 4, 2009

Night Swimming

Let me just say that music has been getting me through this new period of my life. Whether I am humming a lullaby like "Irene, Goodnight" or playing something on our laptop to soothe Hazel, it has been all around us. Recently, I put a mix CD in which is one cd of several, that a friend & former coworker made for me. They're full of some of my favorite songs along with his favorites which I've been introduced to. Music is great that way. "Night Swimming" by REM is on there, a song I had heard, but never really listened to before. Now I listen almost daily.

Baby H has been constipated. The mixture of b-milk and formula seems to be bumming her little tummy out.Usually as soon as she ingests b-milk there is a present in her diaper- but as of the last week- this hasn't been the case. So we're watching her and back to counting poos. Music soothes her little tummy aches while I sway or rock her.

:::::::::our 3 am photo shoot:::::::::::::::::::

Currently, we're working on making the switch to cloth diapers. During my pregnancy- I had researched them- but for some reason was hesitant to buy any.. so I made the soakers. I've used them over her regular diapers ( Earth's Best & 7th Generation) and tried cloth a few times, however the cloth- pre-folds are so thin! My mom remarked on it too. She couldn't believe how un-bulky they were. Sure enough H wet right through it in a matter of seconds. So we're still looking- suggestions WELCOME!

Some new cuffs which will be in the store this week- I know I had said last week!

The mushrooms are a new fabric I just purchased and the snow kitties is a coveted favorite which I rarely use- because I need to save it for- forever! So I made one cuff to sell and one for myself!

I picked the kitties up at my only trip to a Hancock Fabrics- while on our honeymoon in Chicago- so it has sentimental value- hence the coveting.

Friday Hazel was 1 month old.. which is hard to believe. It is amazing to see her growing. Going from a cute little baby mush to a baby with personality. This Monday will mark a month that Zach has been taking time off and working from home or just being home. I must say I'm scared to have him back at work full-force.. but such is life. When I think of it so many women/ men who are the soul caregivers for their child are to a certain extent raising their children on their own. Of course I know I have Zach and I'm so appreciative- b/c I know there are a lot of single parents out there (including my 25 year-old nephew) but it feels scary sometimes- because she's relying on me for the most part and I just don't want to mess anything up. And I've gotten very comfortable having our little family- baby & papa so close.. so to think Z has to go back into the office makes me a little sad. I'm grateful my mom is close, so she can come on Mondays & Wednesdays to spend time with us.

Well this little one is asleep in the Boppy next to me- so that is my cue to tip-toe us into the bedroom where papa is fast asleep.
Be well


Sonja said...

My prefolds didn't seem thin, so I'm not sure what the problem might be... Maybe you can put a second one over the first one?
I had fitted kissaluvs for Noah for the beginning. They were a splurge, but so worth it! I loved them - almost cried when I put them away as too small! :)

SewBettie said...

Congrats on the new member of your family!

Andrea Q said...

It's so awesome to read that you're keeping up with nursing despite mastitis. If you got through that, you can get through anything!!!

Regarding the breastfeeding and formula...I had to do that with one of my babies because we had a lot of latching issues. I got some great support from a lactation consultant, an online circle of AP mamas and La Leche League. They kept encouraging me to always offer the breast first and to let the baby nurse as long as possible to encourage my milk supply. I was able to ditch the formula when she was 8 weeks old...she went on to nurse for many months after that.

Hang in there!