Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SALE SALE SALE over at Hobocamp Crafts

Craft books and fabric stacks on Sale now! We're having our annual moving sale over at the shop- so if you're in the market for some fabric or crafty books (more books available)- check it out!

In other news- I cut my hair- I was going to go and then I decided to just do it myself. I've done it so many times before- so I went ahead with it.

I'm happy with how it turned out.

On Saturday we hit the rummage sale and I found some great clothes for H. About 5 pair of cotton pants- she can wear now- 18 months,2 adorable dresses (18 months & 5 years) and a few tops- all for $3.00! We finally got our most recent orders out the door and are taking a breather for the moment.

A very serious girl:

Hazel is getting so big- she laughs all the time-talks a lot and loves doing her kicks. She is really starting to notice the kitties and some of her toys. She still hates tummy time on the floor- but is growing stronger a little bit each day. She amazes me every day- I can't wait to start putting her in the Moby facing outward. She seems to really enjoy seeing everything when we hold her in our arms that way.

Well have a great Tuesday-maybe I can go take a nap before she wakes up!

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