Friday, February 20, 2009

All In a Day

With moving- always comes a de*cluttering. So I've been rounding up fabric to measure- shoot an sell for a super low price n our Etsy shop. I've also started a gluten free diet- I'm not completely there yet- I still need some essentials- but nothing a quick trip to Trader Joe's & Whole Foods Can't cure some time next week. Zach made me some delicious gluten-free brownies the other night - which came out Awesome!!

Last weekend we braved the crowds and picked up a mattress from Ikea- with that we received a $50. gift card- which was very exciting. I'm not sure what I'll use it on- but maybe a new duvet cover for our now larger bed. Looking at all the decorating we've done I'm trying to decide what we'll actually have room for and what we won't. We may need to get a storage facility after all.

Tonight I am hoping to finish some sewing projects that are almost dusty and make some baked french fries and maybe I'll put together a simple cold-day soup- with carrots, broth,spinach and some other tasty favorites- then I'll top it with some shredded soy mozzarella. This is all VERY ambitious of me- as it seems Hazel has a few symptoms of teething. She has not yet- started to wake in the night or pull her ear- but she has been crying inconsolably-refusing to eat on occasion and drooling enough to fill a kiddie pool. So while she sleeps soundly on my lap- and I write this- perhaps I should be emptying her crib full of clean clothes or doing laundry or dishes- Lord the DISHES! is that what that smell is? I say let's throw them all out!

Well I hope your Friday and weekend is full of dirty dishes from delicious dinners. There is another rummage sale on Saturday I hope to drag H & Z to..not that Z needs much dragging.

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