Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bread Lust

So this is my new love. I've asked for it for my birthday, ahem March 23rd and as my Mother's Day gift. Gluten-free bread is crazy expensive! So these are the measures I need to take- besides- who doesn't love the smell of fresh bread baking? I know, I know it isn't a naturally baked bread- but with my track record- I don't want to wait an hour for nasty bread! Besides fresh bread,jam and tea outside at our little cafe table-priceless!

Today is rainy. Hazel took a nap for literally 10 minutes today and I've have a massive headache for a few days now and i don't know why. Possibly our new stiff mattress from Ikea. Yesterday I got us each a new pillow- maybe that will help. But it is still a fine day. On the agenda for today is trying to make some cotton pants for H out of some soft striped shirts I've thrifted. I also want to finish her cap. I hope it fits.Our sale is in full swing and will be for a while.

Have a great Thursday and stay cozy San Diego!

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Island Travel Girl said...

Hi sweets !

We had to buy one of those foam mattress toppers to make our bed comfy - the memory foam, not the egg-crate kind. It worked wonders and I highly recommend one !

I hope your wish comes true for your Big Day(s) and a bread machine is in the offing. I am actually quite excited about my plans for your own big day, you know, once I am done being excited about MY birthday presents that arrived today. Tonight I went floral skull, tomorrow - denim sea horse.

I don't know how I am going to fall asleep I am so excited !