Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do It To Me One More Time

This isn't a naughty post- but I will tell you every Sunday after watching the Morning Show on CBS- they have a slot for Time Life Music and this is one of the BIG songs to be heard every Sunday.

What I am referring to is how I am an idiot and keep sabotaging my stomach and my diet and even my life. So the story goes... we started picking up gluten-free foods from Trader Joe's & the local markets- so I have the basics to start- rice-rice pasta- chocolate chip cookies- bread- you know for me chocolate anything is a basic. We even found a place that makes " gluten free" pizza and pasta. So last night we cozied up at my brother's house and ordered pies. I am foolish- because I didn't take the cheese off- I ate it. I ate every last bit of that cheese. Because I had taken an Imodium that night- I didn't get sick till this morning. WTF? What is wrong with me? Why must I tempt fate and not be able to control myself? I now know how my father must have felt some 18 years ago when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. There was nothing on the market for him then. Of course I am not saying there is a lack of food for the gluten-free crowd- but I feel like I'm starving some days- not sure- what I can or can't eat. The truth is I do feel I was misdiagnosed and that my tests were false negatives for celiac disease. Either way there seem to be many benefits of a gluten/wheat free lifestyle. I just need to hop on board as I did 11 years ago with my vegetarianism. Education is always the key and I'm starting to jot it all down in my notebook as well as fill my little computer bookmarks.

With that said I am going to dream about the things I could/should be doing if I hadn't eaten the cheese and wasn't sick on the couch.

Keep your eyes opened for our destash sale- crafty books for $6.00- fabric and the like!

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