Wednesday, February 4, 2009


THis Guy is Coming Back!!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

We're so excited to be able to offer our Brother shirts again to all of you Losties. Zach's design will be screenprinted by the lovely Carla at how exciting is that?!

Today I am pretty beat. Hazel woke up for her usual feeding around 4- but then wouldn't go back to sleep as she usually does and was up till 6. Then hardly slept a wink since then. She's dressed and ready for an adventure- while I'm still in my pjs. At least 1/2 is presentable.Our little bundle is now weighing in at 10lbs 4 oz! She's slowly turning into a perfect butterball!

In the kitchen NPR is blaring- the constant banging we hear almost everyday was going on- so I had to tune it out somehow- so at least I used Brian Lehrer and not 7 Year Bitch as I might have before Hazel came!

Yesterday I went for a blood test to rule out Celiac Disease ( again) and to test for thyroid issues. I almost wish I had Celiac- b/c then at least I would know and I could begin a gluten free- everything free lifestyle. But having a possible IBS diagnosis- just doesn't work and I haven't been able to settle myself- even with fiber supplements. Oh Joy!

Well I have a million things on the to do list- one being a hat for Hazel. Last night I told Zach how I felt a little down because I haven't been creating for the store and all I really want to do is strum through knitting and baby books and pick out the perfect (easy) pattern and like a wonderful husband he told me to do so. Not to worry about the shop- because it is chock-full of cuteness. So while Hazel sleeps I am going to do just that. Happy Day!

P.S. Check back next week or so for Desmond/Brother shirts!

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