Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feeling Sunday Night

I know I've posted before about how much I dislike Sunday and Sunday night. I guess it stems from the anxiety I use to get as a child with the end of the weekend and start of school than as an adult the end of the weekend and the beginning of one of my many crappy jobs. Part of what I did enjoy about working at Barnes & Noble was knowing other people were there working with you on a Sunday night and then sometimes having Monday off. The feeling of doing and staying busy Sunday night always helped.

Now, I have my little bundle, Hazel. Getting her ready every night for bed, calms me- usually. Although I've lost my cool in the middle of the night with little-to-no-sleep- Sunday nights are much more enjoyable now. It also helps living with my parents-which means a more extended family, which I am really enjoying and will miss when we finally find a house. But for now, I'm loving Sunday night- putting down the baby, sharing a meal with Zach & my parents, listening to the quiet of just birds and insects, drinking a warm cup of something,walking around the yard surveying my plants from a last week of growing and just being.. with a little room for some Law & Order at night.
Can you believe this kid is 8 months already!?

Happy 8 Month Birthday Hazel- I'm so lucky to have and know you!

I hope everyone had a good weekend and appreciate what just may be the oddest summer weather in the Northeast- ever!


queenvanna said...

careful, careful, babycakes is the product of an 8 month old beanie settling in to a comfortable and pleasing routine!! =D

hazel's getting so big - and she's such a beauty! it looks like you three have lots of fun times!

MamaZshanna said...

i've always had the same feeling on sunday. i can still remember the feeling i had looking out the window, watching my parents get out of the car to collect me from my gramma's house. same anxiety. to this day, I will not/ cannot work mondays.