Wednesday, August 26, 2009

gone fishin'

Magical Huskystar, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

No, not really. But I might as well. Yesterday while sewing up a cloth diaper my Huskystar started going wonky.

Making crazy noises and balled up pieces of thread everywhere! I called the closest sewing shop- went through a few check points and then brought her in today. They'll get in touch once the problem is identified. I just hope it can be fixed for an inexpensive price. It seems we sit down 2 x a month to go over our budget and see what we'll be saving and every time the amount ends up being less than what we thought...because there is always something popping up!

Even though I am trying to raise Hazel with less stuff- there always seems to be a new toy or educational addition we could use. I am hoping that all of these items will get used again with either our next child or a friend's child.

So while the Huskystar is in the shop:
-I am going to work on writing a month of dinners,then shop for just what we need.
-Trying to make some jam and then can it.
-Pin some-to-be-sewn items.
-Order those much needed baby items

Be well Huskystar, there is a place for you on my sewing table if you choose to return to us!

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