Monday, August 31, 2009

september and then some

I'm just excited. The neighbor's mower is going, the trees are slightly changing, NPR on in the bedroom and a little babe humming and talking to herself on the floor. My blogging has the watchful eye of Hermione, hovering over me on the couch. This Wednesday, Hazel will be 9 months. It is cliche- but it really seems like yesterday. With a sleepless fog of the last 9 months, I am amazed at how we are making it through. Getting by and still managing to have some fun.

In the shoppe, we have started adding handmade goodness for our Christmas in September Sale. We'll be offering free domestic shipping with a Buy One, Get One on select items. Start early and beat the browser rush! Zach has also been sewing away on some new & old favorite button bags to be used for anything- from carrying your latest knitting project, your lunch or as an eco-friendly loot bag alternative. Once I retrieve my camera from my brother's house (where I promptly forgot it after a mere 3 sips of Pumpkin Juice(ale)) I will share pictures of the new goods.

Also for Fall, I'll have some new Vagabond Scarves to keep you cozy as the cooler weather settles in. Yup we're all that and a bag of chips!

Maybe I'll ring in the season or pre-season with some sort of frothy,pumpkiny beverage.

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