Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a need for doing

everyday I am amazed at the little girl growing right before my eyes. babbling,yelling,laughing,smiling,growing,eating-really evolving into a very special little person. if you have children, you'll know what I mean- if you don't I'm sure you still know what I mean. it is tiring and wonderful and fulfilling and did I mention tiring? and sweet and lonely and bittersweet (sometimes) and of course all new. although I'm not the first, I still feel like like a pioneer..caring for a baby and feeling like I am the only one doing so. I so want to incorporate my creativity in raising my child and in our everyday life together.

so, here is to the end of summer! a time to be productive- to squeeze every little second dry-to working like mad during naps(when there actually is a nap) and at bedtime-finally using some of my favorite books to actually inspire me-to finally return said books to the library and pay the fines-to fill up the shop with little pieces of my heart!

from one of the largest procrastinators- I urge you to join me and fight the p-bug- let's get something done! Stop reading this now!

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Zach Oat said...

Yum! Blocks is tasties!