Wednesday, September 9, 2009

who wants seconds? seconds anyone?

So after a long day of poop-laden diapers, precariously stacked on top of an already full diaper pail I started to think I couldn't do this cloth diaper gig anymore. I have this mental debate at least once a week. Only for the pure convenience aspect do I complain. The-oh-somebody-pooped-we-are-in-the-car-what-do-I-do-with-the-diaper-now? scenarios.

I was passing the pail,like that scene in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure... during the fire in the pet shop, he keeps passing the glass tank full of snakes- he knows he'll have to tackle it, yet he just isn't ready. Well thank God Zach was around to initiate the cleaning- I would have just burned them. Then this morning a big box of gloriousness arrived on our stoop. Seconds!.

My college roommate and her husband, bailed me out! Something like 16 or 18 Bum Genius all in ones, regular pocket BGs, 3 covers, 5 prefolds and a few other all-in-ones plus a few- what look like hemp soakers and bamboo. Thanks guys you saved me from a nightmare and from buying more- which is so difficult to comprehend the price. I even started making my won prefolds. So I'll have those too, once I get my machine back on Friday! Now I won't have to wash the diapers every day or even every 2 days!

Hazel and the kitties even had a ball with the box it came in!

As for that- we went to the first story time at our local library. We can never make it there- Hazel always seems to be asleep. I think we'll try to keep at it. I'll also be enrolling ourselves in the reading program they have- up to age 14, I think. I love that reading-to a child is recognized. Well enough for now.

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