Monday, September 14, 2009

the ups and downs of roller coasters

Today- this Monday I am feeling terrible. Unable to actually pinpoint my tummy troubles (aunt Flo? Colitis?). Perhaps I should come up with an equally suitable term for colitis like uncle something- my uncle and Godfather who is the only other family member I know who had it (who passed away a year ago in December) was a Ron. He was a sweet curmudgeon, a laugher a silly- story teller and an all-around great guy. Maybe colitis should also be referred to as the uncle Ron. Either way Flo & Ron aren't working well together and obviously hate me. It boils down to needing to start the prescription the Dr. gave me. (Anyone familiar with Lialda?) I am very lucky my mom is so close and willing to take the babe for an hour or so while I rest (and blog) on the couch. For that I am so grateful.

And for this little girl. Her smile warms me, her laugh guides me and I am so happy to have this time in her life. Thank you Hazel!

When I spoke of the semi-vintage stroller I hadn't photographed this little gem of a coat. The lining is wool. With gorgeous embroidery and heart-shaped buttons (for $8.00!) it seemed the perfect little fall coat!

Finally my sewing machine is back (sang "Reunited" all weekend long). I've started a small project for myself.. a custom order and then the beginning of a never- ending pile of what-I pinned-while-I-had-no-stinkin-sewing machine! Plus, I want to try and make a crown, for Hazel.Similar to the one Soulemama designs in
The Creative Family as well as some photographs I've been saving for inspiration. (and I haven't even decided on Halloween yet!)

Have a wonderful week!

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