Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Delight

What started as a birthday-apple picking-adventure, ended with a apple cider donut picnic. The prices seemed a bit steep for picking as we usually just eat organic apples (and these were not), so we all had a picnic under the apple trees with the likes of soy meat,egg sandwiches,chicken salad (we all brought something different) and then ate apple cider donuts as dessert. It was a super busy place and they allow people to drive from tree to tree, which really took away from the whole atmosphere. Instead of taking photos of my nieces and nephews running through the apple fields- we had to watch for oncoming traffic between each tree. I can't say I would ever go back-there. However we all had fun, Hazel was in a pumpkin patch of sorts and seemed to have a ball. On our way out of town we hit a great flea market,where they were offering a $1 bag fill it with whatever! I got mostly children's books, a hand puppet and Zach found a cool, vintage Fisher-Price bobble toy he had as a kid for Hazel.

This week we have a few custom orders to get to,some shipments to send out for the shop and some fall decorating. Friday we leave for a long weekend to Rhode Island. xo

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