Thursday, September 24, 2009


Although the day is almost over, I just wanted to take a moment to breathe. To think about just how fast the days fly by. My list of things to do either gets done or forgotten and then added to the new list. I saw my first tree starting to change today..its leaves were turning a pale red.

My sewing table is covered with library books,fabric and other random things. Tonight I'll clean it off and make room for sewing this weekend. We received 2 dear knitted caps, from Zach's aunt in the mail. Pictures to come.

Tomorrow maybe Hazel and I will take a road trip to Adam's. A wonderful market the next county over. They sell the baby muesli she enjoys so much along with some wonderful organic & local produce and local frozen goods. The trip is well worth the drive when we survey the treats we find.

Trying to live in a more simple way and on a budget. It isn't easy. Our first child- only child has so much. Clothing-new,used, hand-me-downs. Toys- new, used, hand-me-downs. It isn't easy keeping things at bay. I can be easily swayed by magazines and friends- and nostalgia thinking something might be needed when it isn't always necessary. But I think it is an always evolving process. Just as I need to allow myself a little break now & again, I need to do the same for our babe and her father. We are aware and trying and that is half the battle.

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Zach Oat said...

I'm so glad I saved that headband from when I was a kid. She's so cute in it! Thank you for being such a good mother to her.