Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The hanging of the wooley bits is an every fall event. I don't do dry cleaning. I really try to just spot clean & line dry.. not only b/c of the chemicals but the price too. So I hang everything out on the line to freshen them- it works wonders!

While I am trying to get holiday items in the shoppe, it helps to have a little help. So this little elf has been lending a hand. Sipping the beverages and trying out our new coffee cuffs. (there actually was no caffeine consumed by Hazel)

Keep on moving~ staying positive and focused! Happy Fall!

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idyll hands said...

I have some clothesline poles, just no line! I really need to string some line up so I can do this. This would be a great way to freshen up the fall/winter clothes that have been under the bed all season.