Tuesday, September 8, 2009

how the busy weekend was spent

Thursday I took a trip into NYC, sans baby to see a Colitis specialist. Hours of waiting later, I still have Colitis and not many more answers. I did get to see Zach's office, meet his coworkers and commute home with him. I also enjoyed a iced coffee, while sailing on the Hudson River (ahem ferry). It was a nice little mini-getaway if only for an afternoon. I did some journaling to and from and used one of my favorite tote bags.

I did however, wear the wrong shoes, got a good amount of knitting done- only to pull out the stitches of a self-proclaimed wash cloth and then begin knitting a light fall hat. The yarn is gorgeous in a celery,organic and lightweight cotton. Who doesn't need a pre-fall hat?!

Friday was spent catching up with the girls- going to a friend's party and then eating french fries till midnight at the diner.

Saturday, Hazel woke at 4:30ish and after 2 feedings would not go down. So rather than fight it, I encouraged Zach to rise with me and go on an adventure. We stayed up with her and started her daily routine- then went to a local park and watched the sun rise over the Hudson river.

Sleepy papa and energized babe

Later that day went to a huge consignment sale at the Waldorf school and scored some amazing items, like this near vintage Eddie Bauer jogging stroller!

The rest of the long weekend was spent on a To-Do list, hanging laundry, switching out summery for fall clothing, making a pre-autumn soup (recipe this week), trying my first batch of Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, Tomato Sauce

and this:

Thanks to Zach for creating a gorgeous new banner and for, well everything else xo


RedRedCompletelyRed said...

What a lovely blog! I just stumbled upon it, and am definitely going to follow you from now on. :)


Christopher And Tia said...

awww I liked this post. It made me feel like I went and did all of those things too.