Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Project Runway, Anyone?

Um that title is a bit deceiving. Don't forget, if you watch PR- it'll be on tonight!

Here is a little pic of what some of our stuff looks like at Magpie Store in Davis Square, Somerville,Mass. We have to get out there for a visit.

This weekend we are making a much needed trip up to Rhode Island for a little beach retreat with my in-laws. I've purchased a bathing suit top- this should be fun/or funny. I'm squishing my tush into my regular bottoms.-there was a little wiggle room. Maternity bathing suits are totally expensive!

I finished a new Scraparella last night, I'm just needing to create a little accessory for her- so once I get that together, I'll introduce you.

Yesterday I felt pretty good. I ran errands and visited with my parents. Mom and I sat out in the sun for a while. It felt great.

Today I may stay close to home and work in the nook. I have a bunch of projects that have been pinned and are giving me evils to be sewn. The other half need to be photographed and are just as bothered by me.

Here is a shot I took at Mom's.

I feel like an old-timey peddler. I always come to their house, with one of my best finds ever( a green plastic woven basket bag) filled to the gills with my new finished projects. My father gets a kick out of the Scraparellas, so I love showing them.

Well have a great day! I might venture to the prenatal yoga class I've talked about a million times, but never attended!

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Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Have fun at prenatal yoga...if you go. :) Your dollies look very cute. :)