Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall IS Here!

Here is my latest little girl, she's a Hobo! I still haven't named her, so if you have any ideas- share them in the comments!

You may not think so, but fall is totally in the air!

These are a few Autumn Coffee Cuffs I've just sewn. I love the fabrics, the crow or raven on the big orange pumpkin, the purple leaf fabric- I made a skirt out of a few years ago for Thanksgiving. I just love it! Each leaf looks kind of batik. The light blue fabric I bought on a trip to Chicago.. it reminds me of the fall there. So cute! and the two little felt pumpkins are just screaming to warm a cup of cider or pumpkin juice!

So, I didn't make it to prenatal yoga, but I did make it to Amazon, to purchase a Gaiam dvd on the subject. I figured this way I can get my yoga on whenever- for a fraction of the price. With a baby on the way- we need to welcome this kind of thought.

Yesterday, was a good mail day. Not a- oh- I just got an awesome package of handmade goodness from Etsy-mail day- but a OMG the items I purchased to help my ibs have arrived mail day lol!

I also noticed a bunch of fall covers on magazines, another dead giveaway fall is soon among us!
Have a great Thursday


Rosebud Collection said...

What a darling doll..wonderful cup covers too..I have to say, I think fall is wonderful, but I know winter follows..don't care for that thought.

Christopher And Tia said...

I'm going to have to find someone to buy one of your amazing coffee cozies for this holiday season. I don't drink out, so it won't be me, but *someone* will get one, thats for sure. Your new fall items look great lady.

... said...
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amanda said...

Wow, I love your doll! You have a great blog.

DeeboLovesButters said...

I saw the little hobo girl sitting on the chair with the rest of the scrappies when I came to feed your babies! I meant to tell you...I love her! :)