Friday, August 29, 2008


I know, how original a title. Even though I work from home, I like the weekends. This week has been blah for my tummy. I just haven't been inspired enough or had enough energy to do too much.

I've been knitting and finished my first super- soft baby blanket or lap blankie. After using 3 skeins each, I still ran out. So there is a funky stripe at the end in a soft angel hair in orange & tan- but I'm pleased with it.

(Before the stripe was added)

Yesterday, Jasper and I watched from our kitchen window as two little stray, black kittens ate a plate of food. They can't be more than 3 months- totally black. I think there are 4 or 5 in total with a mom. The whole complex gives them food, because it does take a village to raise kittens.

Last night as we listened to Barack Obama's speech I stitched the curtains for the changing table. Well I got through the 2 side panels. The two front are pinned- but I need to cut & stitch them up. The bright yellow matches perfectly with a stripey rug we picked up at Ikea on sale awhile back. So I guess yellows & oranges are in our sleeping future!

Speaking of an Ikea future, I think we'll try to make a trek there tonight to get the crib and a few extra little things, like lampshades for the bedroom night stand lamps. I hate to get rid of something that works just for an aesthetic reason. So I thought getting matching lampshades would tie our un-matchy lamps together- yet we don't need to buy new lamps.

Today I am determined to make applesauce. I have a big Pyrex bowl full or organic apples- waiting patiently. I also have a basil plant that has been getting kinda agitated by the heat, so I have that sitting on a chair in the kitchen. Seems it is time for a big batch of pesto ( without the pine nuts). Maybe I'll add a little bit of almond meal.
Here are a couple of new items soon to be
available here

The pin cushion is made from a recycled cashmere sweater. It had a bunch of holes, but I managed to salvage enough for this. Blondie, you may have seen before. I'm happy with how her little blonde highlights came out. Lastly, the coffee cuff. Inspired by project runway- it has soft fleece with scissors,tape measures, needles & other sewing finery along with a patch of colorful safety pins and a vintage piece of measuring tape.

For inspiration I've been reading through archives,
here. After listening to this podcast I was so delighted to hear a story I could relate to. So I've been enjoying her entries and the adorable photos of kids & crafts.

Another bit of inspiration was found in this issue of Hallmark Magazine.

A woman tells her story about becoming more aware of the environment,what her & her family eat and the overall quality of life. My favorite quote of hers is
"It's the beautiful, messy wild life experience that I want to give my children." -Rebecca Barry

To that I say Hell Yeah! Have a great weekend- experiencing your own

messy, thrilling life.


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jessicajane said...

homemade applesauce is the BEST. I just watched project runway the past few days for the first time ever. haha. and your little blondie is cute!