Friday, August 22, 2008

I Have a Crush on Some Etsy Items, By Melissa

So, when your pregnant and semi-confinded to your living room/studio- when you take breaks in between working and sleeping- they're usually Etsy/snackie cake breaks. I'll make a snack & go through Etsy.

Here are two of my favorite things on Etsy right now.

These little guys remind me of wizards, well because I try to find the Harry Potter link in everything.

Available at Dream Child Studio. They're only $12 for a set of three! Dressed in wool- how cute are these?

My other new favorite is
Elsie Cake. From embroidery patterns- pretty paper- her style & design rocks!
This Wonderland Journal Set is so amazingly wonderful- even a novice scrapbooker( like myself) can whip out a stunning book!

The other reason I love this shop- is she too enjoys having inanimate objects in love- like these cups:

I'm a big Fan of cups, mugs,seahorses,lollipops,leaves and house plants in love.
Please check out their shops! Start early for the holidays and buy Handmade xo

And remember, our $10- T-shirt Sale is still on! I"ve also added some new cuffs, Scraparellas & other cuteness

Have a great weekend!


Christopher And Tia said...

Ahhh! Way too cute. I'm off to check out all of the cuteness for myself right now. I've got a few extra dollars in paypal, why not treat myself to a saturday-morning-i've-got-the-flu-and-i-can-do-what-i-want treat, right??

mosey handmade said...

hope you are feeling better soon!
congrats congrats!
doncha just love etsy even more now that You can do some shopping for the wee one!!!!