Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuesday's Cute Patrol

So Zach and I like collecting things.

It was kind of amazing that I found someone who collects more things than I do. Among my collections are old spools of thread,vintage dishes,aprons, Pinkie dolls and buttons. Zach's collections range from coins (passed down from his Grandpa) Marvel Legends, Hellboy statues and Woody Allen books.

But together we have collections of snow globes, Harry Potter busts and owls. Since we had so much owl paraphernalia we decided to give our bathroom a kind of woodland- birdie theme.I'm always looking for new owls to bring home- these are some of my favorites, from Etsy- in the Gift Guide.

If I could, I'd buy them all! The sugar bowl- just rocks!

Have a Happy Tuesday- wherever you are surround yourself with the things you love!


esta sketch said...

My mother has a big collection of owls, amongst other things, those guys would feel right at home! I wish more of my friends & family were collectors, it makes last minute gift shopping so much easier :)

jessicajane said...

i remember my great grandma having tons of owls..i love them! cute idea with the bath too.

Estela said...

Yay for owls!!!

sideshow stamps said...

Ha! I am obsessed with owls! You should see my kitchen... I think I have about 5 gazillion retro 70's owl statues, clocks, wall hangings etc.
I actually have a version of that middle owl. It's like a little mug/candle with a handle.. weird.
Cool post!