Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Two New Friends~
I've realized, just how much I love making these little folks.Of course it is much easier to zip through them when I have pinned everything the night before!

These are the last few shirts we could get out of our screen. Sunday it kinda went kaput. So their are workings for a new Snuggle Bunny.

Feeling a little better today.. still kinda weak. I need to call my GI doctor's office, who has a pretty nasty receptionist- so that is kinda fun. I'm craving a big iced chai... we'll see how things go. Tomorrow I visit w/ my midwife- and maybe I'll see if I can get a pair of preggo jeans. I've pretty much grown out of all pants at this point & I'm wearing dresses or skirts. I need to make myself some skirts, I just don't know where to start w/ the preggo aspect.

I've yet to finish watching Twin Peaks. I rented the entire show from the library. So strange- like if you took aspects of Northern Exposure & added really high strung,back-stabbing,crazy people! But you have to love kyle mclachlan.

New items coming! Keep your eyes peeled for autumn fabrics making an early appearance in the shop- I just can't help myself. Bring out the candy corn!


Zach said...

So damn cute! Your best Scraparellas ever!

Island Travel Girl said...

Hey there - note on maternity jeans - get the kind with the band that goes UNDER your belly - those over-the-belly pouch things don't fit for too long, and you can't wear them post partum - but those under belly ones will fit straight through and on the other end as well.....these were my favorites: