Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday Night Tomato Sauce

Sunday Night Tomato Sauce, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

Yesterday's plan was to do some laundry& screenprint Snuggle Bunny all while visiting my parent's house. We visited ( I even ate some dark chocolate w/ a pretzel stick), we did our laundry ( a ton of little girl's hand me down adorableness)- we even screenprinted 3 shirts, till our screen kinda went kaput! So we're working on getting another S.B. along with a different design.

A stop to the market and we were back home. I made some delicious tomato sauce for dinner. It is a great thrill using your own herbs, I can only imagine if they were my tomatoes as well. I was able to freeze 3 containers for later use- which is what it is really all about, right?

Stomach issues still happening- wondering could it be soy? I have no idea!

This week there will be new coffee cuffs & onesies in the shop- I'm trying to crank up the creativity. I also have 2 dresses to photograph, and a few other kids & ladies pieces. We haven't done any shows this whole season, so we have one planned in September at some point and I'd love to have enough product. Plus as I get bigger & bigger, who knows how much sewing my stomach will tolerate! I need to stock up!
Keeping with my constant theme of " always the last to know", I've decided to share with you my new cute music fave.
Her name is Andrea Simms-Karp,
Meet her here! From what I gather, she plays banjo & guitar and possibly more. She has a really upbeat, folky tone - kinda reminds me of The Be Good Tanyas, who I also adore. I only just downloaded 3 songs to check her out, but really like them already.

Zach also found on iTunes, the Target commercial song, where the two girls are dance/battling while decorating their sides of the dorm. I'm ridiculously all over the place with music and a sucker for fun commercial music. Just WAIT till the holiday commercials start!

Well have a great Monday!


Andrea... said...

Well gosh... Glad you like the music!

Andrea Simms-Karp

idyll hands said...

woop woop (that's from the Target commercial song).

We danced to that song during my few month stint with Jazzercise - it's a fun song.

idyll hands said...

And thanks for the music recommendation - she's really great. Off to buy the CD now.