Monday, August 18, 2008

Is Fall Here Yet? A Random Rant~

Closeup tomato and apples, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

I can't wait! It feels kinda strange, maybe because our apartment is much roomier than the last- but the weather hasn't bothered me like it did last year.. and now I'm pregnant- I thought for sure I'd be miserable! ( not to jinx myself) Perhaps the sun just hasn't tried hard enough yet.

Apples & cider donuts are two of my favorite food items about the fall. Of course the squash and pumpkin pie are also amazing. We usually always go apple picking as a girl's day out. My mom, sister. my aunt Carol & cousin Sharron. But this November Sha is getting hitched, so she's got a full plate. My sister, mom and I are still going in late September, for my mom's birthday. But we're bringing the guys along this time. Just as well- they can carry the apples!! These apples
(which are dwindling fast) are organic, from Trader Joe's. I was delighted to find them there.

We did a great job cleaning this weekend. It feels awesome to wake up to a tidy place. Not that we're total slob hobbers, but it still feels good to have a clean, orderly place. I'm also realizing things always felt so messy/ cluttered because of the dang lack of space. Now we have a place for everything.

One of my best friend's Mo and her hubbie Steve along with BF/neighbor Suzi stopped by last night. They brought flowers for me, which was really sweet. This was the first time I've seen( Mo & Steve) since becoming pregnant.

This past Friday on our way to meet friends for dinner, we decided ( I think) on the baby's middle name! It was a name I had wanted, but Zach needed to come around to. I'm glad he did. We're still trying to keep the name hushed- so we'll have a bit of a surprise.

I've started knitting a new scarf . I'm using acrylic angel hair in a brightish pink and a lighter pink wool. Just a normal scarf, that I might line with fleece or some patchwork. This one is for baby.

To Do:
drop hubbie at train
gather packages to go to post
pick up prescription at lab
visit mom & dad
hang laundry on the line to dry

With that I'm going to get ready for the day-
Be Well~


RainbowMom said...

Aw. Organic apples.. mmm. I hope you continue to feel great.. we really only have a couple of weeks left of summer. Enjoy the day! :)

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Where do you go apple picking? Me and the b/f wanna do that this Fall but we're looking for options.