Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the days of firsts

Friday, Hazel while playing with her small kid's chair from Ikea, toppled over and banged her lip on my very heavy desk leg. I had just gotten out of the shower and was still in my towel. My mother was keeping an eye on her till I got out of the shower- once I was out she fell right in front of me. I was talking her through a daily" sit on your bottom" rather than stand in the chair. There was a good amount of blood involved a ride in the ambulance and 7-8 stitches. The police officer who first responded said that my mother and I were defenitely in worse shape than Hazel. We were both sobbing and rightful messes. Hazel had quieted down was on my mother's lap while I gathered some essentials for the hospital. She has healed so quickly and it restores my amazement in the human body. Although the plastic surgeon said she shouldn't have a scar, I will never forget that day and what happened and how I saw her life flash before me.

Another first was seeing the house we've been thinking about buying. That was Saturday. We placed our bid on Sunday. We are currently still in compromise mode and will report back as soon as something more final occurs. This business is scary. We of course need to get a top-to-bottom inspection. The place has 2 rooms above the house that would be a perfect studio/spare bedroom/playroom. But it must be totally gutted. It also has a mudroom, which too must be gutted. Sometimes this scares me- but I am lucky to have a very generous & talented brother to help us through these steps. An architect for a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law who runs his own roofing/siding business. I keep good company!

As finding a home becomes a step closer (and possibly 2 steps back) I am reminded about what really matters. Family. Being close to those you love and calling whatever space you are in at that moment home. I am grateful for everyone around me. xo

Hazel's first time drawing and using crayons.

A knitting project I am making up as I go along.

A girl and her cat.


Christopher And Tia said...

I can see how you'd be a mess, watching your baby fall, and seeing the blood. The blood is the worst part. Even after the cries have died down, the memory for us is still so fresh, and it makes us hold our babies that much closer.

Look at the lip. Poor Hazel.

queenvanna said...

so much excitement all at once, isn't that always to way!?? getting a house is the most nerve wracking thing in the entire world... after watching your baby daughter split her lip!