Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kiwi & French Onion Soup

A few months back my MIL gave me a magazine called, Kiwi. Their tag line is "Growing Families the Organic & Natural Way" hey sign me up! So I did just that and received my 1st issue in the mail today. I have curbed my magazine subscriptions on and off throughout the years- switching up Body & Soul for Natural Health etc. I do currently subscribe to Parenting and Parents, however fun to read they don't exactly prescribe to the same way of thinking as I do. Kiwi is refreshing and offers great natural & green products along with helpful, interesting articles- I'm so happy it was passed on to me. Check them out!

Their website is equally cool- boasting an Eco-Crafts section hosted by Vicki Howell! along with book reviews and recipes!

If you are in the Northwest- I hope you are enjoying the snow, we are! I shoveled once already- but mostly we are taking it slow. There is some French onion soup on the stove and possibly a big pot of homemade play dough up next.
stay cozy!

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Marian said...

Melissa, you are a wonderful mom - you are the only mom Hazel has and she is one lucky little girl. Spending(and cooking and baking) will give her so many more memories then a pre-set story time. You know your schedule - so actively seek out afternoon activities that you can attend when you are both up for sounds like a rough week - not going forward with the house, another snowstorm and stomach issues...enjoy your french onion soup - cuddle and read to Hazel and snuggle in with a late movie with Zach...

hope to see you both soon!