Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking Forward to the Weekend..

Since Zach doesn't get home till around 7:11 after he bathes HAzel and they have some papa baby time- we don't get a whole lot of time together. So when the weekend arrives, it is always welcome.. especially if a little snowstorm is also on the horizon. This weekend though, we are looking at a few houses- one of them being built in 1850. I have no idea what a house that is 160 years old needs by way of upkeep, but I have that nosy,generally interested in how-others-live vibe inside- so we have to take a look!

There will be a shop Update this weekend *hopefully* with new coffee cuffs and a Nifty Pixie cap or two. Here are some of the photos of stitched items, new, old and the soup I've been making a lot of these days.

Have a great weekend!

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