Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this is your life

Just a quick note- to keep things freshly up-to-date! Hazel has come down with a stomach virus. She started getting sick (the big V) in her crib around 11ish pm. I woke up and saw her standing up in her crib and just called to her, then I knew something was wrong. So we spent the next 10-12 hours cleaning up and then lulling Hazel back to sleep.

Seeing your child in an uncomfortable or painful situation and not being able to do much is difficult and heart-wrenching. This morning I cancelled my dentist appointment and made a DR appt for her. In the morning she seemed renewed- then after a smoothie- we had to toss her duckie book, because he too was enjoying a smoothie. A quick trip to the grocery for organic grape juice & some vitamin water.

She's now napping, while a huge digger truck right behind my parent's house digs up ground in order to lay pipe. Oh have I mentioned our neighborhood will soon be privy to a water treatment plant? Yes, practically right behind my parent's house, there will be a plant that is working on purifying the Hudson River into safe drinking water. So there's that too.

On Sunday we took a trip to Beacon, NY. Where I think we fell in love with this tiny gem of the Hudson Valley. A huge main street is home to a vinyl toy shop, a hot dog place (with veggie dogs), several independent coffee shops,second hand shops, a handmade shop,the library,a dog boutique and a million galleries- the list can go on. So needless to say we want to live here. Now we just need to find a house. We saw a couple we were interested in, but alas we were beat to it. So we've got our eyes peeled and are on the prowl. It is tempting to just rent a house or apartment. This does make sense, but with all the saving we've done- I would be afraid our mojo would somehow get forgotten or lost and the money squandered at Target or a candy shop lol
(I'm joking).

Lastly over the month of January I did cut down my consumption of buying chai as well as using paper cups. It felt good to have my unique cup and know I was doing something good for myself and those around me (even if I do still get looks). I am still going to continue this into February as well as trying to only purchase preloved items. A few other things I am working on, but I think a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles is in order for the kind of week I have been having. ( is it Friday yet?!) xo

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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh no. Poor little Hazel!! When Charlie had the swine flu followed with pneumonia, it was like two weeks of pure heart ache. I know exactly how you're feeling mama. I think we all do. Just keep doing what you're doing, giving her loves and snuggles and taking lots and lots of comforting baths and wearing lots and lots of fresh clean clothes. Keep us all updated on how shes feeling??