Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's Heat Wave~

Well summer isn't even technically here- yet, it is 99 degrees out. I try to keep the fans going till we just can't stand it anymore and need the air. I'm tempted to repot my basil this morning before the heavy heat comes- but it has seemed to dull my reflexes.. I can't move!

I've started getting terrible heartburn (the hair is growing)- and instead of tums I heard papaya helps. So I picked up a juice and a puree. This morning I added the puree to a smoothie with a little oj, fresh strawberries and a handfull of blackberries. I must say papaya has a pretty unappetizing smell.. but thankfully I am past that point.

Buttonchops has been freshly updated with a Grab Bag of Vintage Slips and Hobocamp has been updated with some of
these .

Yesterday we had a boring mail day for the most part, then I found a package on our step from my dear sister-in-law who resides in Hawaii (possibly not for long!). We investigated what was inside. The photos are of what goodies we found inside. Totally thoughtful and sweet and from Savers! my favorite thrift store in Hawaii.

2 quilts 1 made of a silky Hawaiian fabrics the other from vintage polyester & cotton, and adorable kitty or bunny zip up and a chenille sweater in white with Pooh, Tigger & Kanga. So cute!
Well Must get to work
Let's hope for rain!


Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

My boyfriend SWEARS by Papaya pills. He takes them after every heavy meal and he says it works.

What a sweet package! :)

Island Travel Girl said...

They also sell papaya tablets, so you can avoid the smell..... I tried those. Eventually I had to embrace Zantac because the papaya was no match for that hairy baby I was growin !

Glad you liked the package - I can't imagine life without Savers !

idyll hands said...

99 degrees? *melts* I used to live in Austin, TX where I was used to that kind of temperatures, but I moved to NWArkansas and have avoided it since the move. However, places just 40 miles from here aren't so lucky. Blah.