Thursday, June 12, 2008


BUTTONCHOPS MOVING SALE!!, originally uploaded by hobocampcrafts.

So one last time, I'll inform you of our MOVING SALE! This time everything has been reduced and the fabric bundles are $2.00 ( plus shipping) The bead packets are $1.00 and I'm pretty much just filling the parcels with free supplies- because I can't stand to see them get tossed. There are only so many bags of fabric you can give to Goodwill. I have a huge box I add some nicknak or random craft item to daily.

In other news, I've started jumping into the new summer fabrics I purchased! There will be new coffee cuffs in American Jane measurement fabric and the cute & fruity fabrics I've also started making some simple, mini pin cushions. I just love- how they're coming out!

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare- I was walking through our Stop & Shop and almost fell into a split! I haven't done a split since I was like 7- so you can imagine my disbelief when my flipflop totally flipped off my left toes crunched and my legs split open. Sounds kinda funny- but when you have a cart of food, a you're wearing a dress and your pregnant- a fall isn't *exactly what you're looking for! Luckily the market tote I was using was heavyish and I think it kept me grounded. Regardless I walked up to one of the workers in a huff and told him the floor was sopping wet and I almost busted my ass! I swear he saw me slip and I saw him look away- but who knows. I was just happy I didn't fall. I pulled my back but it seems to be okay now.

I spoke with the super of our new apartment complex and it turns out the apt got more of an upgrade then we thought. A new counter,a new stove, new fan and a new oven. So we're pleased with that! We debated on hiring movers, we move so often that I think most of our friends are a bit tired of helping us move. But we'll play it by ear and see if we need more help as the day gets closer.

With all that- the weather is gorgeous and I'm going to try and beat my morning sickness.
Be crafty - Be well!

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Rosebud Collection said...

Thank God you are alright..I did that once when I was pregnant..My flip flop hit water on my own floor, and down I went..Scary..
I have to go back and read the blog over..I was so worked up with your fall, forgot the rest..