Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Sleep Till Baby~

I'm convinced- that will be my new theme song- only the Beastie Boys say Baby instead of Brooklyn. In bed by 11:30 and up by 5am-the entire time spent tossing. Left side- right side-left side and so on. Pretty depressing! The other lyric in my head is by Ani Difranco, when she she simply states " Sleep is like a fever and I'm glad when it ends" nuff said girl- were you preggo when you wrote that?

I actually just picked up my first issue of Mothering magazine because I saw Soule Mamma's Flickr page with a wonderful photograph of Ani.

Tonight my hubbie will be attending the Bravo awards, since well he works for Bravo! So I'm ironing his shirt this morning and was delighted when he said he wanted to wear one of the seahorse ties I had just made! Hobocamp is going to the Bravo Awards show! It doesn't air till next week, but be sure to check it out.

Last year I started planting all sorts of seeds early in the brown bio-degradable boxes and watched them grow from nothing- it was an experiment in patience - for myself. When they were big enough I put them outside to bask in the sun. Unfortunately, the roofer my landlord hired was sloppy ( we've gotten 5! roofing nails in our tires since last summer- most recent Friday!) and they threw shingles from the roof- which in turn landed on my plants and pretty much crushed them as well as my spirit. So I wasn't planning on gardening this year- as much as I love You Grow Girl.. the fun gardening bible. But something came over me yesterday and I found myself at the nursery with a very focused goal BASIL & LAVENDER. The basil looks so fresh and wonderful and yes I sort of cheated, but I didn't have the patience just yet to start over from a seed.

It will almost be 2 years since I received my Huskystar 219 from my bridal party. Which means, although it is self lubricating ( is that what you call it? it sounds dirty) it hasn't been serviced- ever. So the serviceman is coming to the shop about a hour north and I've decided to take it in. Of course I hadn't planned for the show to be cancelled last week and then need the time this week to finish projects- but I finished two market totes made from recycled, vintage floral sheets.

Yesterday I called the OBGYN, because I was having slight cramps. I was concerned but everything I've read says not to be concerned unless accompanied with other symptoms. The doctor's office said the same. I am now 14 weeks- 4 months and I have just entered my second trimester! I'm looking forward to spending the next few weeks feeling good or um slightly better than the previous trimester.

While searching Etsy the other day I saw this shop Fabrik and these wonderful produce bags she makes . I had to buy some- they arrived and I promptly forgot to use them! But now I've inserted them into our newest reusable market tote with hopes I will remember! So if you can check out Fabrik's Shop

Have a great day-


ARTina said...

Your husband works for Bravo? LUCKYYYY! lol...great blog!

queenvanna said...

ah, those sleepless pregnancy nights... i slept semi-upright on the couch while watching animal planet for about 4 months with each of my pregnancies.

and i'm gonna cheat a little in the garden this year, my seeds didn't do much but sit there...

Rosebud Collection said...

There is something wonderful about seeing things grow..This sentence coming from the worst gardener around. Husband does the gardening, but I enjoy watching..Happy you are feeling well with your pregnancy..sleep is iffy sometimes..darn hormones.

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

I'm trying SO hard to improve my green thumb. I hope to one day have a small patch of land I can garden in and grow my own food. Your basil plant looks lovely. :)

RunAliceRun said...

How exciting about the Bravo Awards! And the basil looks lovely!