Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who Could Resist?

What self-respecting hobo could pass up this cute little plaque? Oh I'll find a spot- by the nursery nook if we have a girl, maybe with other cuteness if we have a boy.

Yesterday I went gallivanting (sp?) with mom & dad. I dropped off my sewing machine to be serviced and now of course I keep thinking of the amazingly-ridiculous projects to sew. But I am keeping busy, I started a CRAFT PUNK tote and love the color combo. Green buttons on a hot pink tote.

During my sewing I kept receiving text from Zach that said " I just saw Tim Gunn or Bridgette Nielson just walked by" the Bravo Awards were a star fest apparently!

Today I have a doctors appt. I have been experiencing light cramping and my nausea/morning sickness is back. So just wanted to ask some questions.

The show we were going to attend this weekend, we might be skipping. There is a little bit of craziness going on here with moving and babies and award shows Oh MY!

However, I have started packing my sewing supplies( jars of buttons & whimsy) and I am going to start packing my fabric by color.. that way when I unload them I will be able to put them away in a nice little color-coded way.

Recently, I've been checking out some lovely studios on Flickr and blogs, so I will be sharing my favorites shortly. They're just so inspiring!

Be Well
xo M

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DeeJay said...

Tim Gunn!! Bah! Coolness! How long till the big move? I still have that fabric sitting here but am scared it will get lost in the new move. When will you be moving and can you email me that addy and I'll just hold onto the fabric till then?